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Help us to better predict and meet the future product and service needs of our eCommerce customers based on data tracking their current online behaviour (covering visits to our site and other sites and platforms).

About Mannings

Mannings Hong Kong (HK) is a leading Health & Beauty retail chain in HK, attracting a wide range of customers to our stores, website and social media platforms every day. We want to better analyse the online data collected across these channels to get to know our customers better and serve them products and services that meet/exceed their future shopping needs and demands.


Hong Kong’s health and beauty sector has been a duopoly (dominated by Mannings and another competitor) for many years, and a supply driven market – i.e. customers could only purchase products launched by major players.

The development and adoption of global ecommerce has however, changed customer behavior profoundly, driving the need for higher levels of efficiency, creativity and transparency from retailers to meet the fast-changing needs of online shoppers.

In the health and beauty sector, Mannings HK wants to better analyse and understand the future product and service demands and trends of customers to ensure the Mannings brand remains relevant and top of mind with them.

While the goal is clear, closer tracking and analysis of customer behavior requires a fresh approach and solution – an approach and solution that covers online and offline sales – both remain important sales channels for Mannings.

  • Website data for past three months.
  • Technology roadmap for next three months.
  • For more information about the health and beauty sector today and in the future, please read McKinsey industry research reports and relevant news articles.
The Prizes
Grand Prize
Grand Prize
Grand Winning

• HKD 50,000 cash prize

Challenge Winner
Challenge Winner
Students & Innovators

• HKD 20,000 cash prize

• Internship opportunities for each team member with the sponsor

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