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Leveraging Consumer Insights for Tenant Selection
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How could HKL use data-driven consumer insights and retail trends to guide the selection of new tenants at HKL's shopping malls?


Hongkong Land is a major listed property investment, management and development group. Founded in 1889, Hongkong Land's business is built on excellence, integrity and partnership.

The Group owns and manages more than 850,000 sq. m. of prime office and luxury retail property in key Asian cities, principally in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Jakarta. Its properties attract the world's foremost companies and luxury brands.

The Group also has a number of high quality residential, commercial and mixed-use projects under development in cities across Greater China and Southeast Asia. In Singapore, its subsidiary, MCL Land, is a well-established residential developer.


HKL's retail asset management team evaluates prospective tenants based on how they fit our mall's market positioning, macro retail trends, consumer sentiment, lifestyle preferences of target customer segment, their preferred brand choices and shopping habits. This process is critical to the success of the tenants and the shopping mall.

While some data are available for the research, they are often fragmented and unstructured. As a result, collecting, managing and analysing data is a manual and time consuming process that significantly impacts HKL's ability to efficiently build an optimum tenant mix.

We are looking for a digital tool/platform that could automate and accelerate the collection, management and analysis of data to generate insights that could support HKL's retail tenant selection process in a timely fashion.

  • HKL shopping mall websites
  • Basic customer demographic data
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) trends and social media trends of target customer segments on preferred brands and merchandises
  • Recent popular trend and emerging brand insights on media and e-commerce engines
  • Keyword tagging and search engine data for shopping habits and lifestyle preferences, e.g. where customers shop, how much they spend, what brands they buy, what are customers' hobbies, etc.
  • McKinsey industry research reports and related articles on fashion and retail intelligence and insights, e.g. BOF, CB Insights
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Grand Prize
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Challenge Winner

• HKD 20,000 cash prize

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