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Does your challenge involve a payment, instant financing, credit, or some value transfer? To ensure the solution is attractive and scaleable, these features should be built in, be fast, convenient, seamless, and totally secure for customers and clients.

HSBC has the people, digital banking resources and expertise to create something completely new for your solution and you are invited to tap their knowledge and technology to develop a new 'future-looking financial' solution to significantly enhance the commercial appeal and attractiveness of your project and its benefits.

This add on can be applied to any of the other challenges.


HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations serving more than 40 million customers through our global businesses: Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, and Global Banking and Markets.

HSBC has a global IT team and nearly 40,000 developers. Together with the Digital product teams, HSBC can rapidly push out new features and products that get to market quickly and are governed by our existing compliance teams.

HSBC operates in over 28 Retail markets, 64 commercial markets and touch over 90% of the worlds trade routes globally. Our network covers territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.


HSBC invites you to innovate in the area of financial services to accelerate the development and adoption of your respective projects among target customers.

You are able to build a working prototype using the openlab to showcase your solution connected to live data and working API's.

Consider also, the transaction data that a bank as big as HSBC has. How could this data be used to better enable credit for transactions; what new services could you incorporate to significantly accelerate, improve or scale-up your idea? Or consider certain manual processes that are needed today, how could those processes be completed with greater accuracy or control using emerging technologies?

For example, eCommerce insights to predict transactions, travel financing and payments to many vendors, financing construction, or selling FMCG.

As a bank, HSBC is managing and protecting real-time data as well as the technology, services, and licenses to support a wide range of digital businesses and projects. How could you integrate these available solutions to accelerate, improve or scale-up your idea significantly?

Winners will take their ideas forward to build a POC supported by the full team of HSBC resources, including cloud services, developers, designers, legal and compliance support.


By using the openlab, you can get straight into development by downloading a working software development kit (SDK) to customise, and connect your app to over 260 API's with customer data sets to test its capabilities and performance –start here https://openlab.openbankproject.com

The openlab is a sandbox of resources that connect developers, designers, and innovative product creators to solve current and future baking challenges. The openlab is free for your use.

The Prizes
Bonus Prize
Bonus Prize

• A potential opportunity to perform a Proof of Concept with HSBC

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