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How can we simplify and improve the way we monitor, personalise, recommend and book events, eateries, and other bespoke local experiences of high interest for our guests?


Mandarin Oriental is an international hotel and investment group with luxury hotels, resorts and residences in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. Part of our mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests. We are committed to continuously improve our guest experience and want to achieve a unique solution to a prominent issue within our industry.


Time-challenged travelers today want fast, convenient ways to check out the latest attractions, recommended eateries (and more) in a city, and make a booking.

A digital solution addressing these needs will help concierge teams to significantly enhance their effectiveness and efficiency, and ability to build deeper relationships with guests. Given the challenge, a new integrated solution must enable:

  • Easy tracking, compiling and updating of key information – e.g. names, addresses, contact details for hot restaurants and bars, galleries, concert halls, clubs, sporting venues, and more
  • Fast and easy contact with restaurant staff, concert ticket vendors and others
  • Easy profiling of guests and their lifestyles, hobbies and other areas of interest
  • Fast and easy communication with guests – email from the concierge desk is too slow and inefficient
  • Real-time tracking of a booking
  • Current database and the material we use today
  • Guidance and mentoring from an MO team offering insider insights and advice
  • A pilot hotel set up in Hong Kong to test solutions
  • McKinsey industry research reports and related articles including Learn The Secrets Of Five-Star Concierges — Your Passport To Perfect Travel
The Prizes
Grand Prize
Grand Prize
Grand Winning

• HKD 50,000 cash prize

Challenge Winner
Challenge Winner

• HKD 20,000 cash prize

• Opportunities to advance a Proof of Concept with the sponsor

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